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Mini pendulum ride is one of types all pendulum ride. The mini pendulum ride is more popular to compare with other pendulum. Here are some descriptions of mini pendulum as following.

Mini pendulum ride is small spinning amusement ride whose motion principle derives from a pendulum. A disc attached to the large arm below rotates when the arm swings. Passengers on the frisbee ride will have a strong centrifugal feeling as well as experience 1~2 seconds weightlessness just like astronaut in outer space. Mini pendulum ride takes less space compared to giant pendulum ride but brings about the same joy and fun. The affordable mini frisbee ride is applicable to outdoors and indoors, including square, garden, amusement park, shopping mall and other densely populated sites. The ride always attracts massive tourists due to its tremendous vigor, with vast potential for future development. Mini pendulum ride selects high strength quality materials, which ensures inherent safety of equipment. The gondola seats are designed in diversified cartoon styles, painted with different colors. Meanwhile, the support frames adopt new environmental-friendly materials, harmless to human body. With frequency conversion technology, the electrical part is economical and resource-saving during operation. The major parts and spares are equipped with automatic monitoring system to trail running of components.

The mini pendulum ride have a big market. With the development of life, the mini pendulum ride are more popular with people all over the world. To meet market demands, combined with progressive design principles at home and abroad, our factory researches a brand new frisbee ride without base. In addition to shoulder restraint and safety belt, the kiddie ride is fitted with pedal to strengthen passengers safety. Mini frisbee ride is more suitable for children to ride simply because its swing amplitude is small and gentle. The support frames and central rotating arm are decorated with different pictures, so the mini pendulum is very popular. The mini pendulum ride is especially fit for funfair, traveling carnivals and other mobile places to add festival atmosphere. Riders will share a rare shock of overweight and weightlessness state when immersed in ascending and descending rotation at full speed. The breathtaking ride will take players to a wonderful adventure journey.

You will feel more thrilled and excited when you ride it. So it always attract you to ride it. It seems if the mini pendulum ride possess the magic power.

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