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Break dance, as its name, it is a filled of the fun and excitement the amusement ride. Break dance is a great attraction to the children and adults. And it is widely used for the amusement park, carnival, and disneyland.

Break dance ride, which is also called crazy dance rides, is a kind of one of the most thrilling and exciting spinning amusement park equipment. As one of the new type of popular thrill rides and family rides, break dance ride can combine the spinning motion with going ups and downs after it is turned on. Just like our popular samba balloon rides, break dance amusement rides are also a kind of amusement park rides with the function of rotation, revolution and going up and down. But there is a big difference on the appearance and working principle between the crazy dance rides and samba balloon rides. And the break dance carnival rides have a fairly beautiful and attractive appearance, so many kids and adults love this rides very much.

Break dance amusement ride is a kind of popular thrill ride which is designed by one of the famous amusement ride manufacturer. It is a kind of amusement ride that is similar with the thrill tagada ride which get more attraction in the amusement parks. You need to know the work process.

Break dance amusement ride mainly consists of dodecagonal platform with a diameter of around 20 meters, upon which are equipped with four hubs and each of these hubs could contains 2 person. There exist a lower incline. Once the break dance amusement ride is activated, the platform will rotates with the hubs rotate in the opposite direction. With the combination of the slightly slope, people will rock back and forth. Sometimes it could also be equipped with a trailer, this will be convenient for park owners. People will enjoy this carnival thrill ride with the thrill and relaxing feeling.

This kind of thrill Break dance ride is suitable for amusement parks, indoor and outdoor activities, shopping malls, residential community, and other carnivals. It is also a kind of thrill ride that will create enjoyment for family and people who is seeking for excitement and thrill feelings.

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