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    amusement train rides for sale in singapore

  • Model: MKT04
  • Materials: FRP+steel
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Load: 12 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Mini train is a new type amusement equipment, which drives on the interchange track,it consists of beautiful-shaped composition of different styles. Sometimes run up slowly and then slide down at fast speed. There are different types track train to choose in our factory.

The track trains for sale also called kids train, children’s train, electric train rides. It is designed in unique appearance. And the carnival track train is followed one locomotive and three coaches. These coaches and locomotive usually made by cartoon images and other animals images. These track trains are mainly designed for kids. The track are made of galvanized rails which can be changed as required by the customer. The carnival track train is powered by the electricity.

Mini train

The track of the electric train is made into double track, monorail overhead and the regular park trains and the length of the track is adjustable according to customers’ requirements. The track trains run along with the specific rails, usually in the park, we should laying rails along both sides of the mountain. Through the train wheel and steel rail, track trains will run on the fixed rail and never off the rail. Compare with the trackless trains, track trains should be placed in a fixed site and meters of tracks will be paved for these trains. There are many kinds of track trains in amusement park, some of them are decorated with cartoon animals and some of them are made for special festivals. The running speed is slow and the electric track train is equipped with beautiful music. children riding on the track trains you can ride moving along the round track happily. There are two electrical motors in the park track train ride in total. In general, the toddler train is decorated with various cartoon and the color and the cartoon type of the amusement park. What’ s more, the electric track trains are also equipped with colorful lights and beautiful music. The electric track train can move very slow on the track and toddlers on the park train ride can feel relaxed and excited.

The track train can move very slow on the track. Kids on the park train ride can feel relaxed and excited. The carnival track train is taken some measures to ensure the safety of kids. Riding the track train is very interesting. Kids can enjoy much fun when they ride the track train.

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