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Canoe equipment belong to the water ride. it includes the various kinds of the paddle boat. The 2 personal ride, the 4 personal ride, and single personal paddle boat. According the power, it can also divided into the electric power, manual power. The canoe equipment can include the water bicycles, water tricycles and so on. Those canoe equipment is a great popularity in the amusement park. Meanwhile those canoe equipment is used widely for the water theme park, funfair, carnival.

Water paddle bikes are used on the water. It is a new kind of amusement ride. During the hot summer, people always want to stay with water, paddle boats, bumper boats, all those boats are popular among them,but the water bikes are more attractive rides for people.

The water bikes are divided three varieties in amusement rides. There are single water bikes, double water bikes, the last one water bikes are used 3 riders at one time. One is the water bicycles for sale, this means the bike that has 2 wheels in general, and one bicycle usually prepared for one person. But it could choose the single water bicycles, double water bicycles or even trio water paddle bicycles for consumers. The other one is the water tricycles for sale: this means the bike has 3 wheels, and usually one tricycle could take 2 people in the same time, some of the tricycle will be equipped with a shed to prevent passengers from sunburn, because most of likes riding water paddle tricycles in summer. There are some fearures for water bikes in amusement park.

Water tricycles appear like tricycles for water, simply the wheels are inflatable. You pedal the ride like a tricycle and the inflated wheels enable you to maneuver around within the water and have a great time. It feels different attempting to move your craft around and that ride may have people laughing and having a great time.

Nowadays, lots of canoe are made of good material, this kind of material is more durable. These kinds of boats could maintain formal shape even hit by other things. It owns a long life-span. Among all of these boats, and canoe are popular with people of all age. It can bring much joy when you ride.

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