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    best selling coin operated ride for children

  • Model: CCMO3
  • Materials: FRP
  • Type: coin operated ride
  • Color: acceptable customized
  • Load: 1 rider
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

coin operated rides, also called kiddie coin operated, and children shaking machine, it is a kind of amusement rides for small children who is under 6 years. Kid’ s coin operated amusement rides refers to the rides that activate by coin. When activated by coin, the coin rides with entertains the little rider with motion. Most of the rides will include sounds which made by the children’ s or animals, music, some colorful led lights, pedals and buttons for controlling the machine.

coin operated rides

There are varieties kid rides. Coin operated horse ride, most of kids love the kiddie size horse toys, especially the kiddie carousel amusement park rides, there are different kinds of amusement park rides which are controlled by quantities of coins. coin operated car ride, kids love the racing cars, battery cars, bumper cars, they think that it is interesting. These coin operated car rides which could be painted with different colors and each of the coin operated car could be sit by two kids or one kid and one adult at the same time. Usually, most of shopping malls, stores and amusement parks will imported more than one set car ride, they could provide a battlefield for kids who love driving cars. coin operated ride, these rides are the most popular amusement park rides. Coin operated helicopter ride, lots of kids has the same dream, they want to be a captain of a helicopter or than planes. This ride is small, only one kids could sit in the cabin, they love enjoy sitting in the middle of the plane and when it is operate, the helicopter will swing, the song in the cabin will play on. Also the music could be set and kids will have a feeling that they are driving a real helicopter. Kids rides are mostly suitable for children to play.

Coin operated kiddie rides can be used in many places, for example, amusement park, the door of supermarket, shopping mall, and so on. Coin operated kiddie rides for sale including a complete line of new and used kids amusement rides and kiddie ride parts. There are so few amusement devices being made specifically for young children, kiddie rides are becoming more and more important to have in business locations that entertain kids. There are some advantages for coin operated rides, these are easy to control, so coin rides owners doesn’t need to look after these rides, once insert coins, they will start with press the start button, this is easy for kids.

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