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The design of chain meteor hammer is unique. The chain meteor hammer is popular with people all over the world. It is the same as the giant pendulum in function.

Chain meteor hammer rides refer to amusement rides based on the motion of a large fixed pendulum. Well, rides that can be considered pendulum rides on the market include giant frisbee ride for sale, small spining pendulum ride for sale, pirate ship ride for sale and swinging boat ride for sale. Usually a hammer ride for sale consists of an open seated gondola or round cockpit, an arm and an axle. The arm extends beyond the axle and the gondola or cockpit swings back and forth by hanging the center horizontal column. In addition, the rotating gondola can revolve on its own axis and may send riders through a complete inversion. The thrilling spinning ride for sale is a kind of international prevailing entertainment facility generally for carnivals, parks, fairground and family entertainment centers. Here are some operating principle.

The chain hammer ride is composed of support frames, suspension gear, pendulum gondola, drive system and electrical control system. Main part of spinning pendulum ride is truss structure. Primary transmission method of pendulum ride is that the motor drives slewing bearing to realize non-uniform rotation. Thus the motor can make flexible tracking for the swinging of pendulum ride. The pendulum ride is provided with complete electric cabinet and ancillary apparatus. The former is installed with control circuit, bell-push button of actuating device, easy to operate and maintain. The hammer ride safety device is set with safety press restraint, safety belt and cockpit locking device and so on.

The safety can be guaranteed when you ride the meteor hammer. Safety press restraint presses the riders’ shoulders and legs. Safety harness is automobile safety belt, eye-slice locking device. Cockpit locking device is controlled by air-operated solenoid valve, to ensure pressure by accumulator. Secondary protective device will be fastened when manual throttle valve is closed. High quality and dependability allows the hammer ride to be the most popular fun rides in large-scale theme park and amusement park. Participants can’t tear themselves away from the hammer ride, crazy with roar and laughter.

Riding meteor hammer is a unforgettable experience. You can relax yourself completely. It seem as if you just flying in the shy.

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