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Coin operated horse ride is one of type in all coin operated rides. It is the design of horse that it is popular with kids. The coin operated horse ride attract the kids from all over the world.

There are many kinds of coin operated kids rides for sale in world. For example, coin operated horse rides for sale, vintage coin operated rides, coin operated helicopter ride, coin operated car rides, coin excavator rides, hello kitty coin amusement rides for little girls and other coin operated toys for kids with animals’ shapes.

Coin operated horse ride is similar with other kinds of kiddie rides that are operated by coin. It is one of the most popular money-maker amusement equipment for amusement rides which are mainly designed for kids. Horse riding is the most popular activities, so do kiddie horse ride. This equipment just take real horse to a simulation coin ride. It is safe and more joyful for kids. Kids in the age group 2-10 always interested in coin rides around their house. As one of the leading manufacturer, we also manufacture other equipment which operated by coins, kids digger coin operated carousel rides, train locomotive and coin operated car rides.

Most of kids love the kiddie size horse toys, especially the kiddie carousel amusement park rides, but with the development of amusement rides, amusement rides are designed out different kinds of amusement park rides which are controlled by quantities of coins. In most of cases, kids ride on the horse should catch or grasp something tightly. when start up the horse, it looks like that on the back of the horse, kids will flying with the ride. This new feature will gives kids a new version and add more entertainment.

The coin operated horse ride possess to a unique style. Coin operated horse rides for sale which was designed differently which mainly refers to the amusement rides for kids should be inserted in more than one coins and when powered and machine will count automatically, the coin operated games equipment will swing up and down, left and right. During the operating process, the rides will playing some children’ s songs, at the same time, kids could press the button and the machine will make eight different sounds. Time will be controlled by the ride or the owners freely, but if the time is out, these coin rides will stopped. On the other hand, the coin rides are light and easy to carry, if you need to move the machine to anywhere you want, the only thing you should do is lift the rides by one hand from the front, you can move the machine easily by the following two pulleys. This is safe and convenient for amusement rides owners.

Coin operated horse ride is also popular used in the small store and shopping center funfairs, these types of coin operated amusement rides are small, usually accommodated by one or two kids at the same time. They are easy to operated and maintain. Kids could insert a coin and then press the start button to enjoy them.

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