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  • Model: MHB19
  • Materials: 0.55 mm PVC
  • Size: 16m*9m*7.5m
  • Type: customized
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Water slide is widely used in amusement park, theme park, funfair and carnival. Especially in summer the water slide is the best selling amusement ride. And the water slide is very popular in amusement park.

There are a lot of water slides for kids, you can find them on amusement park and even in some theme park, but how about adults? Are there any serious slides out there that gown people can say wholeheartedly that here’s a toy for me ? Let’s dig this up a little and see what we can find that will amaze even the most skeptic one.

It is true many people would envisage the inflatable water slides as one which is used to stimulate a child’ s fun and pleasure. However, it is not just children and young people who enjoy using products such as these. Many older people also enjoy using inflatable water slides and there are a range of products which specifically target the grown-ups. These inflatable water slide can be used in a large variety of areas, from gardens, to the open ocean and there is a range to suit every size and budget.

Water slide

One slide that is definitely for grown-ups and that you won’ t forget so easily after you see it is titled the Freestyle Cruiser. On first appearances it seems similar to other products on the market and looks much like its counterparts. Constructed with durability and safety, the Freestyle Cruiser is unique, in that is specifically designed to be used in tandem with large yachts and other types of vessel. The inflatable water slide, it can fit varying sizes and style of boats. Modelling itself as the The Ultimate Water Toy, a toy for those which have considerable income and those who can afford to spend lavishly on family entertainment.

So the inflatable water slide is very popular with the adults. People who run traveling fun fairs or carnival want to ride the inflatable water slide. The inflatable water slide is a thrilling ride in amusement park, you can different choose when you ride the inflatable water slide. There are different sizes to choose. You can choose two people or family to ride, and you also choose a people to ride, all choose as you like. Duo to the special the design of appearance, there are some cartoons, animals pictures, so it is very attractive to people.

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