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Electric animal rides are regarded as a kind of popular kiddie rides. It is equipped with the rechargeable battery and has 4 wheels. It can go forward, turn left and right with electric power along with cool music. Electronic walking animal ride has some other popular names in different countries and areas, such as motorized animal scooters, stuffed animal rides, battery operated animal rides, plush electric animal scooters, walking animal rides, motorized mall animal rides, coin operated animal rides, animals electric toys, zippy animal rides and so on. This is a battery operated kiddie amusement rides which are manufactured with the appearance of the real animals. It can play the cool and beautiful music when it is walking. And the animals are very cute and the games can attracts the attention of both kids and adults.

There are four sizes of the plush electric animal scooters: small size, medium size, big sizes and super sizes. This electric motorized animal scooter can be popular applied to shopping malls, parties, game centers, fairground amusement parks and kid’s indoor and outdoor playground and so on. This kids electric animal scooters is a type of warmly welcomed kids amusement rides with smaller size. And it is new in the amusement market and sells well in many countries. This stuffed animal rides are relatively cheaper compared with other rides. And the electric animal ride is very attractive to kids. Each kid want ride it when kids come to shopping malls, amusement parks, supermarkets, square, zoo, even street, and indoor playground.

There are different models electric animal rides. According to the size, you can choose the sizes as you like. It includes small size for one child, medium size for two kids or one adult, big size for one kids and one adult and super-size for parent and kids. According to the animal appearance, the appearance of electric animal ride is designed different pictures. It includes panda, bird, dinosaur, elephant, rabbit, tiger, space cat, dog, lion, naughty monkey, Hello kitty, pig, angry bird, fox, pony, mickey mouse, cow, leopard, octopus, Hippo, bear, unicorn, etc. You can choose different animal appearance as you like.

Kids can experience much fun when they ride the electric animal rides. At the same time kids can gain much interest and excitement. The electric animal ride is a real good ride for kids.

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