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  • Model: TYP-L09K
  • Materials: FRP
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 4kw
  • Load: 1 rider
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Bumper car is a thrill ride. Bumper cars are also called dodgem cars. Some people also call it bumping cars or dashing cars. It is a one of the most popular kiddie amusement rides in amusement park.

The electric bumper cars are commonly applied to park, fairground, indoor playground, kindergarten, residential park, park, gardens, shopping mall, supermarket, residential quarters, and other indoor and outdoor venues. It is a kind of classic and popular amusement equipment, which has been warmly welcomed by both children and adults of all ages. And the bumper car ride is a kind of fairground rides which can spin around and collide each other, which is very interesting and thrilling. It is mainly consist of several small electrically powered mobile cars with different appearance and the indoor or outdoor venues. These electric cars can be powered by ceiling grid, ceiling and floor net, ground net, or battery. So generally, the bumper car is also referred to the electric bumper cars. There are various types of bumper cars to choose, these bumper cars can used as the kiddie and family rides, thrill rides, mechanical rides, spinning/rotating rides, attractions on track, fairground rides, carnival rides, theme park rides and so on.

Bumper car

In fact, the electric bumper cars for sale can be classified the following models according to the driving mode: ceiling net bumper cars, ceiling-ground net bumper cars, ground-grid bumper cars, battery bumper cars. And, most popular bumper cars include the ground-grid bumper cars and the battery bumper cars. Riders can control the bumper cars through the following control systems: coin operated system bumper cars, remote control bumper cars, timer system, and magnetism.

You can ride different model bumper car as you like. Riders on the cars can control the foot pedal and steering wheel to control the direction and speed of the moving of bumper cars. Riders can change the direction and speed up to bump into another cars according to their willingness. Dashing Cars can bump, rub, run and hit on the any kind of flat and smooth ground, such as on cement land, on ice, etc.. There is unexpected changes in the whole processes and you cannot imagine what will happen next second when you are riding the cars. It is exciting, wonderful and thrill. But, do not worry, there is no dangers. There is rubber apron around the bumper cars and seatbelt to prevent from hurting the passengers and guarantee the safety.

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