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Fun fairground ride for sale have a great range from small kiddie equipment to adults thrill equipment. We have track amusement rides, coin operated equipment, water park rides and some spinning equipment for different occasions. It includes the kiddie fun fairground ride and family fun fairground ride.

Kiddie fun fairground ride, there are coin operated rides, bumper cars, bumper boats, self-control plane rides, mini carousel, kiddie apache rides, kids excavator rides, le bar car and so on. All of these fun fairground for kids could be customized, capacity, appearance and decorations.

The kiddie fun fairground ride include the new bumper car. The new bumper car can be produced into two types, one is battery powered, and one is electric powered. Mini, medium and large size inflated bumper cars are available in our factory. Around the car bodies, there are lots of led lights, when the car is working, these lights will shining. Inflatable bumper cars are widely used in the funfair and other outdoor and indoor playground. One of the most popular reason is that this types is light, cheap and they can be inflated in a short time. When these equipment has done their business, people could deflated these cars and then carry them indoor easily. These new bumper cars are convenient than the electric bumper cars.

Family fun fairground ride, there are different kinds of family fun fairground ride, it includes carousels, swing carnival rides, ferris wheel, samba balloon rides, jellyfish rides, octopus rides, trackless and track train rides, frog hopper rides, roller coaster and other spinning rides for family fun. As the name shows us, samba balloon rides is designed according to the samba balloon. It is a kind of attractive balloon ride in the amusement park. Lots of samba balloon rides has 8 cabins, and could be seated with 32 people, that’s mean, each of the cabin could contain 4 people at one time. It is a kind of family amusement ride, parents could bring their kids to ride in this beautiful balloon ride.

There are some features of fun fairground rides. Newest creation fun fairground rides are designed for kids and adults entertainment. It is widely used in the amusement parks, playgrounds both indoor and outdoor, resorts, carnivals, funfairs and family centers.

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