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The basketball arcade machine is very popular from the family. The function is the same as the common the basketball arcade machine. What’ s more you can enjoy a good time with your family when you ride it.

Basketball arcade machine is also known as arcade basketball shooting game machine or street basketball arcade game machine. Actually, basketball arcade game machines are designed based on the act of shooting moved away from basketball sports. When players no insert coins into the coin slot of arcade basketball game machine, the basketballs come out one by one for players’ shooting. They must shoot as fast as they can to finish shooting basketballs in the given time. When the set time is over, the basketball arcade machines stop offering the basketballs to players. Then, the basketball shooting machine shows you the total scores automatically.

Home basketball arcade machine include many kinds, In order to meet different requirements to basketball arcade machine, there are various arcade basketball shooting machines to choose. From the functions, they are divided into single-type basketball shooting machines and multifunctional machine network battle arcade basketball game machines. On the basis of product structure, the arcade basketball machines are divided into combination type, folding type, double players combination type,etc. We could also divide them into basketball arcade machines for kids at ages from 4 to 12 years old and home basketball arcade machines according to different age groups. In most instances, we often see many basket arcade machines placed side by side in game center, amusement center, shopping mall, supermarket, holiday resorts, theme park and so on. These arcade machines attract a lot of players to play the shooting basketball arcade games for fun and thrill.

Here are reasons why it is popular with people. Easy to operate, stable performance, low maintenance rate, novelty design. Perfect sound system, offering foreign languages voice according to clients’ mother languages. players can play together, suitable for family games and team building. Good for training one’s coordination, reaction capacity. Solid structure, durable in use, long performance life. What is more you can enjoy a good time with your family.

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