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    hot sale kids battery powered car

  • Type: kiddie ride
  • Materials: FRP
  • Color: acceptable customized
  • Power: battery
  • Load: 1 rider
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Kids battery powered car is also called the racing car. Which is different from the bumper car in function. Kids battery powered car does not need special places, flat cement floor is enough for this kind of cars. It is a kind of participatory rides in the amusement parks. Riders drive these car personally not remote control or carried by others. Touch, rub, left and right bit other cars on the track which is very hard to detect.

There are mainly two usage for kids battery powered car. One is for racing, the other one is for riding. First of all, it is popular with people in the world. Tourists who loves cars usually loves riding these cars, they could racing with their friends, parents, brothers, sisters or other partners. When racing, participants should have experienced skills, and you will feel the thrilling. And, these cars can be set just for riding in the amusement parks or other funfair, they are cheaper than ordinary bumper cars and lighter than these bumper cars too.

Kids battery powered car

The kiddie battery powered cars belong to a kind of flat ride which is composed of several small electric cars which draw power from the floor and ceiling, and the quality kiddie battery cars are turned on and off remotely by an operator. Ground net electric cars is a newer method uses alternating strips of metal across the floor separated by insulating spacers, and no ceiling grid. Each car is surrounded by a large rubber battery, so when other cars crash into it, the opposing vehicles simply bounce off. Riders on the kiddie cars, not only children but also adults, can experience great thrill and happiness. Electric and battery dodgem cars can attract many visitors to come to relax themselves and bring more interests for you.

If you want to experience the amusement rides in amusement park or funfair, kiddie battery powered cars are a great choose for you. There are some good quality of kiddie battery powered car. Hot-galvanized steel frame, car body with many colors paint fused into the fiberglass and cars surrounded with rubber bumper. Novel design, safety and reliability of bumper car for sale amusement equipment. The capacity of kiddie battery powered car can sit a people. The design of kids battery powered car is unique. Furthermore, the safe of kids battery powered car can be guaranteed. Riding the car is a thrilling experience when you are in amusement park.

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