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    Kids Amusement Park Dragon Slide HX16Z

  • Model: RC-5L
  • Materials: FRP+steel
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 8kw
  • Load: 16 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Dragon slide is called the dragon roller coaster ride. With a unique design the dragon slide is a great attraction to kids. And the dragon slide is very suitable to kids. It is widely used in amusement park, theme park and funfair. So the dragon slide is on a hot sale.

The dragon slide that seems to be using a trailer as its base or station. Some smaller parks have permanently installed the ride instead of constantly moving and reassembling. From the appearance,dragon slide is the scaled-down version of real roller coaster in large amusement parks. It is quite small, often with an oval track that has one rise and fall, five or six laps over two minutes. There are height and weight limits for most rides on nowadays amusement parks. So kids might never get to celebrate the theme park experience that so many of us take for granted. Dragon slide may not be as high and thrill as the real large roller coaster, what the Kids Roller Coaster does is bring thrills and excitement to an under served part of the population and will provide youngsters with a thrilling ride.

Dragon slide

Riding dragon slide is a good experience to riders. At the top of the hill, the track curves and goes down an eight foot drop. It curves around the oval track, going through a series of short hills. It curves around again as it approaches the station. The dragon-themed roller coaster cycled three to four additional times before coming to a stop. Parents can watch and take photos as their children come waving to them around the bend.

The kiddie dragon slide for sale is full of fun-and there are some rides parents can experience with their children, which is a roller coaster for younger children. The miniaturized roller coaster rides for pint-sized visitors is a favorite for toddlers. It is a safe and very fun ride. Thanks to those new-developed kids’ rides, parents can take toddler to the fair without worry about the rides’ restrictions on rider’s height and weight. Kids will crowd onto this kiddie dragon roller coaster.

Children will enjoy more pleasure if they ride the kiddie dragon roller coaster. Riding dragon slide is a unforgettable experience for children.

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