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    Kids Bee Rides With Best Selling

  • Model: MJK16HX
  • Diameter: 8m
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 4kw
  • Load: 12 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Kids bee rides also named as bee kids rides, the kids rides for indoor and outdoor amusement park rides, it is also popular with children of a rotating lifting plane class latest amusement equipment. And the kids bee ride is a on a sale amusement ride.

Rotary bee ride is also called the self control bee ride or kiddie rotary bee ride. The kiddie rotary bee ride is very suitable for kids. The appearance of the kiddie rotary bee ride is designed in a bee. So the kiddie rotary bee ride is very attractive to kids.

The kiddie bee ride is a new amusement rides and it belong to the kiddie rides. The ride is also known as the self control rotary bee rides and it is welcomed by the majority of children and adults. The cabins are in the shape of bees, which is very vivid and lovely. The rotary bee ride has unique structure and beautiful shape and the self control bee ride is also equipped with the innovate LED light and the pleasant music. You can experience the excitement as well as the thrilling rotating movements when you ride it. The kiddie bee ride is hot selling. And the self control bee ride is very popular with children.

Kids bee rides

Like the self control plane rides, the kiddie bee ride rotate around the vertical axis when the rides start moving. Meanwhile, riders also can control the rotating bees by themselves and make the bees rise and fall as they want. When riders are sitting in the bee cabins, they will feel like they are bees flying in the sky, totally relaxed. It will be a great attraction in amusement park and it attracts many families to come to play again and again.

The kiddie bee ride is so popular. It is some advantages that it is very attractive. It is very safe and fun to ride, it is unique in design. The appearance of bee is attractive to children. What’ s more it is an excellent quality and technology. Riders can control the rise and fall of the rotary bee cabins independently. The kiddie self control bee rides are also widely used in the park, square, playground, indoor and outdoor. Riding the self control will bring more fun for you.

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