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  • Model: IC-140#
  • Materials: 0.55 mm PVC
  • Size: customized
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

Kids playground slide is very popular amusement ride. And the kids playground is hot sale. It is a high quality and excellent technology. Furthermore, the price of the kids playground slide is good.

The playground slides are a kind of new and high synthetic amusement equipment in the children’s playground, which can combines body-building and entertainment as a whole. The playground equipment slide is specially and meticulously designed into different types according to different kiddies’ interest and hobbies. This kind of playground slides are mainly popular among children and they fairly conform to children’ s nature that they love to drill, climb, slip and so on. The outdoor and indoor playground slides are also well known as some other names, such as slide, slippery slide. The playground slides are generally used in the parks, schools, playgrounds, backyards.

In generally , the playground slide is composed of the following accessories: door, bridge, sliding cylinder, rooftop, handrail, ladder, platen, upright post, slide, climbing tube and rope course. All the parts of the slide playground are connected with the fasteners and there is no sharp objects protruding on the surface of the slides. It can be designed into different colors and shapes. The slide may be flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. The slides for playgrounds are usually manufactured with the plastic or metal and has a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The Main Types of Playground Slides: commercial playground slides including Wave Slides, Flat Plastic Slides, and Straight or Spiral Tube Slides. It brings great fun for children on the slides and exercises them at the same time. Many kids can climb to the top of the slide via a ladder or stairs and sits down on the top of the slide and “slides” down the slide. It is a perfect outdoor entertainment for all the children.

Here are some features of the kids playground slide. Kids playground slide have the characteristics of colorful, resists fading, high strength, anti-static, abrasion resistance, light resistance, aging, cracking, structural safety and durability and so on. What’ s more, the kiddie slide has advantages of clever design, colors mix harmony and masterfully combination, which can bring a lot of safety, happiness and lively feelings to the children on the slides. Children of all ages can enjoy letting loose and having fun on our playground sets. We can make sure all kids can have fun year round with a playground equipment in your backyard.

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