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  • Type: small amusement ride
  • Materials: FRP
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 2kw
  • Load: 8 riders
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Warranty: 1 years

There are different types small amusement ride in amusement park. The small amusement ride is very suitable for kids. With the flourishing of amusement parks, there appears many kinds of amusement park rides, large or small, simple or grand, single layer or double deck, trackless or track, kids or adults, thrill or gentle. I want to introduce some small amusement rides for you.

As we all know, kiddie amusement park need small rides, like mini carousels, kiddie Apache, self-control planes, bumper cars, rotary bee rides and some other rides with small size, these rides usually made up of cute animals and painted with beautiful colors. Kiddie rides are safe for kids. So the small amusement ride is popular in amusement park.

Big eye plane ride is a kind of new kiddie rides which is perfect and attractive in kiddie parks. Just because of its appearance. Most of the big eye plane are made of 4 cabins, but amusement park equipment manufacturer can make 3, 6 or even more cabins big eye plane rides. But 4 seat is perfect for kids and suitable in kiddie amusement parks. It is easy to operate the big eye plane for kids. You just need press the button. Once press the start button, big eye plane rides will rotate in circle and little passengers in the cabin feels like they are wandering in the sky and this give little kids a feeling that they are riding a real plane. With it novel appearance and attractive design, big eye plane amusement park rides has drawn lots of riders in the park and funfairs.

small amusement ridere small, cheap. They are affordable for people who want to start business in amusement rides industry. Most mini carousel rides are electric, but some of them could be powered by coin, once insert coins, the carousel equipment will start up. Parts of mini carousel rides are made up small version horses while others are made of cute animals which are attractive to kids, dolphins, bees, sheep, pig and other cute insects.

Mini carousel rides are popular among kids, they are small in size, they have 3, 4 or 6 horses, they are decorated with different colors and cartoon images. They are attractive to kids. 3 seat mini carousel rides are made of 2 horses or other animals and one carriage. 6 seat carousel rides are made of 6 horses or 5 horses and one carriage. The 6 seats carousel ride is very popular in amusement park.

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