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Swing boat is also called the pirate ship ride. The pirate ship ride has another name of viking ship ride and is a kind of moderate thrill ride, consisting of an open, seated pirate ship which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. The swing boat in the pirate ship ride consists of a steel support structure which is made up of four uprights. The pirate ship ride can swing riders in the pirate ship back and forth, giving these riders a feeling of weightlessness. The pirate ship fairground ride amusement equipment is family ride and belongs to the pendulum ride.

The swing boat is designed of appearance specially. And the swing boat is always engaged in supplying the highly safe and reliable amusement pirate ship ride for sale. Generally speaking, the pirate ship amusement ride is mainly suitable for a whole family including any age groups to have a fun on the viking ship ride. The swing boat is made with excellent technology and high quality Fiberglass and stainless steel, the pirate ship amusement ride for sale has strong performance and is highly secured. The theme of the pirate ship rides is the adventure on the seas with the strong waves, which makes riders have a feeling of travelling on the sea. Riders in the pirate ship swing about like a Pirate in this fun ship! The pirate ship amusement park ride can be frequently seen nearly in every park, carnival, kindergarten, supermarket, amusement park, and funfair.

The swing boat ride is a medium speed ride. On the pirate ship rides, riders can experience the unexpected changes in the elevation and speed of pirate ship, including moderate twists, turns, bumps, spins, and loops. The motor of pirate ship rides is controlled by powering the ride noiseless with automatic programs or manual option. The sizes of pirate ship fairground ride for sale. Those amusement equipment are different, from mini pirate ship ride to the large pirate ship ride, so the number of passengers in the pirate ship ride is also different.

The swing boat ride bring more interest and excitement for you. And it is also a thrilling ride in amusement park. Riding the swing boat is a good time.

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